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Published on: 01/06/2021

5 tips for Power BI users

Power BI helps businesses leverage the power of data to make better decisions faster - which is exactly what OASE strives to help with as well. The OASE platform is filled with hands-on tips and tricks to master digital tools and help people work more efficiently. In this post, you’ll find 5 tips to help end users get the most out of Power BI.

Power BI tip #1: Use the filter and sort options

The impressive interactivity between charts and visuals is one of the key features that set a Power BI report apart from the ‘lesser gods’. On top of this, each chart has a divine set of filter and sort options to make your life easier. We highly recommend you play around with them to see what’s possible!

Go to the Filters pane to check out the filter options with which you can adapt your chart, report page or full report to suit your needs. You can also sort data per chart or per visual.

Power BI tip #2: Use personal bookmarks

Power BI reports usually contain many selection or filter elements, so if you want to run an analysis, you’ll need to check or uncheck a long list of boxes first.

If you regularly need to analyse certain sets of selections, you can do yourself a huge favour by saving your selections as personal bookmarks. Once your bookmarks have been saved, you can effortlessly switch between sets and save a lot of time.

Power BI tip #3: Integrate Power BI into your Teams channel

Power BI reports are available through the Power BI Service by default, but there’s also a quicker, more efficient way to access your reports: just open them directly in your modern work environment! Of course, we’re talking about Microsoft Teams.  You can just add a tab that shows your Power BI report in any Team or Channel.

This is an excellent way to make optimal use of the functionalities Teams offers: you can analyse and discuss reports with your colleagues via chat, take notes in OneNote, plan activities with Planner, and much more.

Power BI tip #4: Copy a Power BI chart to your e-mail, chat or presentation

Sometimes, the best way to substantiate or illustrate your communication or presentation is by adding a clear chart. You already know by now that you can create attractive charts in Power BI, but did you also know that you can easily copy the charts and graphics from your Power BI reports and use them in e-mails, chat conversations or presentations?

You might think: “Why can’t I just use screen clippings?”

Because the Power BI functionality doesn’t just copy the chart itself - it also copies an extra layer of information, such as the exact moment when you copied the chart, the most recent data refresh, and even a link to the original Power BI report. It also includes the criteria (filter settings) the copied chart was based on.

Power BI tip #5: Reduced eye strain thanks to High Contrast

We’ve all felt it before: the desire to let our tired eyes rest after a full day of working behind a computer screen. Additionally, some people just can’t enjoy beautiful reports due to poor eyesight.

Luckily, the Power BI development team took these issues into account and included several High Contrast settings to view reports. There are 4 different settings to adapt the way reports are displayed.

Looking for more Power BI and Power Platform tips? Visit OASE to learn everything you want to know!

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