OASE brought peace of mind during the Office 365 migration at Hénallux

Hénallux’s OASE story started with a migration to Office 365. To make sure that transition went smoothly, everyone in their organization needed the right skills to use the Office tools correctly. The company soon realized they needed extra support, and called in the help of OASE.

Hénallux trainer Geneviève Marchal and IT Manager Willem Kuypers are eager to tell you all about their OASE story. They even have some extra tips to share as well.

Making the migration to Office 365 a success

Hénallux got to know OASE through their Microsoft contact for higher education. At the time, they wanted to migrate to Office 365. To make that migration a success, they had to ensure everyone in the organization knew how to use all the new apps and features that come with an Office upgrade. From new tools like Teams, to the most recent features that allow them to use well-known applications to the fullest… They realized that they needed some support. OASE was the perfect fit to smoothly guide them through the migration.

“Our initial goal with OASE was to support the administrative staff, so they could use all the new and upgraded Office 365 applications,” says Geneviève Marchal, trainer at Hénallux. "The platform gave us peace of mind: we didn’t have to figure out everything on our own. OASE provided the necessary guidance, exactly when we needed it."

The implementation of the OASE platform at Hénallux has proven to be a success. The admin employees have become acquainted with the new applications, and use them to do their jobs more efficiently. On top of that, they have become more confident and self-reliant, not only when using the tools, but also when looking for answers themselves.

Use of the OASE platform exceeded expectations

Soon, Hénallux also noticed that next to the support staff, the teachers were using OASE as well. The informatics teachers relied on the platform to support their classes, students fell back on OASE to search for specific answers outside of their training sessions.

For Hénallux, the main advantages of OASE are:

  • the verified content that is constantly updated;
  • that the information is at users’ fingertips, whenever they need it;
  • the ease of use;
  • the user-friendly interface;
  • the speed with which you can find the information you need.

Our employees became more confident, not only when using the O365 tools, but also when looking up answers on their own.

3 customer tips and tricks

“We launched OASE in a kind of whirlwind, as everything had to be implemented very fast for the start of the migration,” says Geneviève. “Looking back, and seeing how we handle similar projects now, we could have benefited from a better roll-out and communication plan. There’s always room from improvement, and we learn something new with every implementation. So, here are some of the tips we want to share:

  • Communicate often and through different channels.
  • Share testimonials. When people see a colleague using the tool, they’ll feel more confident to try it out themselves. It works even better than watching a tutorial made by an expert or a manager.
  • Plan info sessions for users to get acquainted with the platform in an accessible way.”

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