1,000 Aquafin employees save time thanks to OASE


The fact that OASE is fully made to measure is a major added value as well.

Aquafin migrated to Microsoft Windows 10 in October 2017. To facilitate the integration of this new software in the office, the water treatment company relied on the online video platform OASE. OASE contains over 1,000 short instructional videos about Office 365 and Windows 10, which the company’s employees can use to train independently. By switching to this microlearning method, the company saves valuable time

To stay up to speed with the company’s digital transformation, investing in technology is essential – and Aquafin is aware of this. That’s why they decided to migrate to Microsoft Windows 10 in October 2017. Still, implementing new technology is only useful if every employee knows this technology inside and out. “When we introduce new software, we encourage our colleagues to start using it as soon as possible”, says Vincent Nuytemans, training coach at Aquafin. “One month later, we implemented the online video platform OASE to help them.”

Blended learning with OASE

OASE also allowed Aquafin to introduce a new learning method: blended learning. This learning method weans employees off class courses by giving them a digital environment to improve their knowledge and skills. Additionally, learning online allows them to discover everything Windows 10 has to offer independently and at their own pace.

“Before OASE, our colleagues had to attend a full-day class course every time we introduced new software. With a bit of luck, they’d remember at least some of the information they needed”, Vincent Nuytemans explains. “OASE’s advantage is that Aquafin’s employees can now find that relevant information much quicker. Thanks to the short instructional videos, they can find a clear answer to any question immediately, so they can resume work quickly and don’t have to waste any precious time.”

It’s very useful that we can also upload videos of our own company-specific software to OASE.

Vincent Nuytemans, Training Coach at Aquafin

OASE made to measure for Aquafin

The OneNote and Excel videos are particularly popular among Aquafin’s employees. “Our colleagues were surprised by the varied material that’s available on OASE and by the speed with which their questions are answered.” Vincent mentions that the online platform has other advantages as well: “We’re not just able to react quickly. Learning has also become easier, more fun and much more efficient”, he adds. “The fact that OASE is fully made to measure is a major added value as well. We can even upload videos of our own company-specific software to the platform”, Nuytemans concludes.

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