OASE: first aid for Proximus staff’s support questions

Traditional trainings are replaced by learning on the go.

The telecom sector is undergoing a groundbreaking digital transformation. Staying up to speed with the newest developments doesn’t just require technological effort, but also sufficient end user support. That’s why Proximus lets its staff use the online video platform OASE.

12,000 OASE users

Proximus notes that digital innovations are being developed faster as consumer behaviour evolves. They realised that if they wanted to safeguard their leading position on the market, their customer service and internal operations urgently needed a digital boost.

“If you want to convince the outside world of the benefits of digitisation, you need to integrate the concept into your own business as much as possible”, says Iris De Coster, the person responsible for the ICT school in Proximus’ Corporate University. “That’s why we decided to start using Microsoft Office 365 – which was a real challenge, because our company has about 12,000 employees who needed a software licence.”

Proximus Corporate University

Proximus’ Corporate University, which organises internal trainings, played a key role in supporting the company’s staff members during their switch to Office 365. “Because of the size of our company, it was impossible to let every single employee attend a training”, De Coster explains. “The staff members who did follow trainings were Proximus employees with specific tasks, such as SharePoint Administrators and a few hundred Digital Heroes. These people are extremely interested in the digital world and like to stay up to speed with the latest technological developments.”

Still, the telecom company believes every employee should get a chance to learn. “That’s why we’ve decided to integrate OASE’s over 1,000 how-to videos into our staff’s working environment.”

I think it’s more efficient to learn new skills in the environment where you’ll have to implement them.

Iris De Coster, person responsible for the ICT school in Proximus’ Corporate University

OASE in Dutch and French

Proximus is full of praise for OASE: “One of OASE’s advantages is the fact that it’s an SaaS product, maintained and updated by Xylos”, De Coster says. “On top of that, the videos are available in Dutch and French, which helps tremendously.” De Coster also thinks the platform is an absolute must for anyone who wants to independently learn how to use the tools. “If a colleague doesn’t know how to do something in the newest version of Office, they’ll find the answer on OASE”, she concludes.

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